Tuesday, 21 June 2011

of Political Correctness and the Christian

“What Americans describe with the casual phrase . . . ‘political correctness’
is the most intolerant system of thought to dominate the British Isles since the Reformation.”
(Peter Hitchens, in “Abolition of Britain”)

“Stand up for God by standing up to man.” (unknown)

I was thinking of what a Twitter friend said recently. He said, “Thanks for having the *chutzpah* to say what many of us were thinking, but we were being too politically correct to say it.”

The first thing I thought of was, “what did I say?” As I scrolled back on my smartphone, suddenly I remembered what I said. What I said was, “So have more biblical scrolls been discovered lately? All this talk about pro-gay clergy makes me wonder if I’m reading a different Bible.”

Reading between the lines of my friend’s comment raised a couple more questions. Why is it that we do not always say what we’re thinking? The short answer is that it is not always “politically correct” to do so. Was I being “politically incorrect” in saying what I said on Twitter? In my books probably not, since I didn’t directly express a personal view either for or against “gay clergy.” In the view of others, maybe I was. You can read between the lines and draw your own conclusions.

Truth be known, I hate the concept of  Political Correctness. I believe that in many ways it is simply a left-wing liberal idea, much like Ecumenism, whereby we reduce society to the lowest common denominator in an effort to promote some form of pseudo-peace and pseudo-unity. Everyone gets reduced to the same miserable level to such an extent that no one knows how to think for themselves anymore. Heaven forbid that anyone say something against the new status quo! If you do, well they label you as being not very “politically correct!” Forget “Freedom of the Press!” The whole thing is nothing more than an accepted form of censorship whereby society dictates what you and I can and cannot say.

Now as a caveat, I’m not a racist and I do not go out of my way to hurt or offend anyone. I’ve sometimes joked about it by saying, “I hate everyone equally,” but the truth of the matter is that this is no joking matter. Mark my words, if we continue on this course of this “politically correct” nonsense, it will only be a matter of time before this left-wing liberal agenda makes the Bible itself “politically incorrect” and it becomes classified as hate literature. Think I’m kidding? I wish I were.

As an example, let’s go back to where we started this discussion. It came about as a result of a comment I made about the pro-gay clergy discussions on Twitter. Now I’m going to quote the Bible and in so doing, I will no doubt be “politically incorrect.” Here goes: Paul said, “Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality…” (1 Corinthians 6:9; ESV). Now what do you suppose the left-wing liberal agenda will do with that?

Though I’m sure that those who were offended by that statement from the Apostle Paul will not understand this, this was NOT a word of hatred towards them or the gay community. I know like you do that God loves them too. However, that fact does not mean that God agrees with the practice of homosexuality. This is NOT hate literature. In God’s mind, there are certain things that will prevent us from inheriting the kingdom of God, and homosexuality is one of them.

It is no different than if my son or daughter would do something contrary to my wishes. If they did, does that mean that I suddenly would stop loving them? Of course not! They may not inherit my blessing on their disobedient actions, but I would still love them.

If I have a problem with anything, it is trying to understand how people who call themselves Christians can at the same time accept the gay agenda, even to the extent of permitting that sin (oops, I went and used that politically incorrect “sin” word again) in the clergy ranks. That is where my trouble understanding lies. Then again, when we stop and realize that advocates of gay clergy are usually also from the more left-wing liberal churches, this really shouldn’t surprise us when they also follow the “politically correct” path in order to not offend.

It is in my way of thinking absurd to think that a person can be “politically correct” and be a Bible-believing Christian at the same time. Does that offend you? If so then perhaps once again I wasn’t being very “politically correct.” I believe that the bottom line is that those who worry about “political correctness” are also more likely to worry about what others think of them. However, who should we be concerned about pleasing; man or God? Usually that’s an either /or proposition. We cannot have it both ways.

Galatians 1:10 says, “For am I now seeking the approval of Man, or of God? Or am I trying to please man? If I were still trying to please man, I would not be a servant of Christ." The best way to be a servant of Christ is to follow God’s word and to be in agreement with His worldview, even if that means being “politically incorrect” because we speak against man’s worldview.

In desiring to be “politically correct” in order to not offend man, is it possible that we may have actually offended God instead?

As Christians, what ought our approach to “political correctness” be?

Where do we draw the line? I wonder.


  1. Bottom line, the Gospel is going to be offensive. That doesn't mean we need to go out of our way to cause offense but if we are faithful, we will be seen as offensive. Much of the Bible, whether speaking of homosexuality or greed or murder, exposes the sin of people and calls them to repent in the face of a just and holy God. That will never sit well with unregenerate people. The real question is why so many people who are allegedly Christians seem in such a rush to embrace as good what the Bible calls sin.

  2. Arthur,
    I like your comment. Absolutely we don't go out of our way to be offensive, but we also ought not to be scared to speak God's truth either, as I think we sometimes have done. No matter what we say, ultimately we will always offend someone. It is interesting to note just how "politically incorrect" even Jesus was when He walked among the people of His day. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Ahhhh, the intolerant fascism of the left, euphemistically called "Political correctness"...rolling my eyes...

    The bible is already considered "hate speech", another ignorant, empty slur against anything that doesn't agree with the Christophobes.

    The fascist left are hateful, demonic people.
    There is no other explanation for their acts, attitudes, and for what passes as "thought patterns".

    Who is it that gathers in mobs to shout down any speaker they do not agree with?
    Who is it that attacks physically those they don't agree with?
    Who is it that throws things at those they don't agree with?

    Christians unfortunately saddled for too long with this "turn the other cheek" sissification are an easy lunch to the aggressive intolerance of the demonic left.

    Witness the "art" of "Piss Christ" (google it) those on the left considered it "brave", and "courageous".
    Of course if it was done to any other religious group it would be considered an outrageous act of bias...wonder how "Piss Muhammad" would have fared...Hmmmmmmm? Bet that would have been considered "Islamophobic", and roundly denounced by the left-stream media.

    Freedom, and especially freedom of speech, dies a little more, every time someone checks their words in case someone might get their wittle fweelings hurt.

    Wait till they get a load of me:)

    Just sayin'......

  4. Political correctness is another tactic in the peer-pressure mob rule.

    The left has always ruled by the lowest common denominator.
    Emotionalism trumps logic.
    The leftist has their world view, and anyone who dares question it...is the enemy. Is vilified.
    Witness any leftist speaking about anyone on the right, they will go to great lengths in ad hominem, but never actually address what the issue really is.

    Because they can't.
    A cogent argument is beyond the abilities of the leftist.
    They must exist in a constant state of cognitive dissonance to juggle the contradictory beliefs that make up their "theology".

    The lefts bizarre adoration for their leaders, their slogans, myths and acceptance of contradictory ideas are examples of mob psychology.
    From the KKK, the SDS, the Weatherman, The Nazi party, and the screaming union mobs today...we see the leftist mob at work.
    With their enablers, the main stream media, who are both part of the mob, and it's psychological instigator, targeting those who don't wish to become part of the BORG collective.

    From the gay agenda, global warming, environmentalist movement, socialism, et al, notice how those who hold a differing opinion are met.
    Bullying, peer pressure, verbal attacks, then violence when submission is not given.

    We have David Suzuki saying that politicians who don't subscribe to the AGW fraud should be jailed. Another AGW supporter says Global warming "deniers" should have denier tattooed on the bodies for all to see.

    This is the response of the leftist hive mind.

    It's time the western Christians woke up to the fact that those on the left are truly led by demonic forces.

    Choose Baal (political correctness), or God.

  5. Lawrence,

    What can I say in response that you haven't already so eloquently (and maybe even in a politically incorrect way...wink, wink) already said?

    While maybe a little harsh, in truth Jesus Himself used the same tone in clearing the temple (Mt.21:12-13), as did John before him with his "Brood of vipers!" statement (Mt.3:7).

    I realize that sometimes we just have to call a spade a spade and tell it like it is. Thanks for your comments. I really appreciate your candour. God bless.

  6. Anyone who takes even a cursory gander through the scriptures can see that calling a spade a spade is not just common, but obligatory on the part of those who whose job it is.

    From the OT prophets, who kicked booty on not just the population as a whole, but to the extent of calling out Kings of Israel, in front of everybody, for a'sinnin.

    John the baptist, yeah, he was so very politically correct right? teehee..And Jesus was such a wallflower when he went all gangsta on the scum in the temple.

    Today's amoral, self-indulgent, entitled, society where there is no such thing as right, and wrong...good, or evil.
    Anyone who does stand up and say "This is wrong" is "intolerant", "narrow-minded"...whatever.

    Isaiah 5:20
    Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness; Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!

    Their reward is coming, it's a slow train, but she's still acomin'.

  7. I can't argue with you, bro.

    "Slow Train." Didn't Bob Dylan (I think) have an album by that title in the 1970's?

    Jesus said, "Do you think that I have come to give peace on the earth? No, I tell you, but rather division" (Luke 12:51; ESV).

    Blessings. (I'm so glad that Jesus loves me).