Sunday, 31 July 2011

of Body Piercings, Depravity & Anti-Establishmentarianism

I just don't get it! What is the attraction to body piercing? Maybe I'm just old fashioned. Sure, as a rebellious teenager, like many of us I had my own forms of stupidity. As my father's prodigal son, I was also guilty of making my statement of independence to my parents and to the world. But looking back, those anti-establishment statements of mine were tame in comparison to the body piercing of today. Or am I missing something?

Does each generation get more stupid than the one before? Tattoos used to be the marks of rebellion in previous generations. I even got two of them myself as, in my opinion, a stupid know-it-all 17 year old. I paid dearly for that foolishness, both financially and in terms of pain, having had them removed with lasers. In generations before that, parents used to cringe at the body gyrations of music idols like Elvis Presley and the Beatles. Now tattoos are as common as sliced bread and, as for dancing and music, well anything now is acceptable (even among Christians). We no longer seem to hardly notice either any more. Perhaps body piercing is just the logical (or is that illogical?) next step in non-conformity to societal mores.

So what comes next? If each generation lately seems to get more twisted than the one before, what will the rage be for up and coming generations? How will the yet to be born generations make their anti-establishment statements? I mean, they're already mutilating themselves now; what's next? Open bestiality? Self amputations? A return to the legalized death games like the gladiator days of old? We've already reduced humanity lower than the animals in that we've allowed the wholesale execution of the would-be next generation through legalized abortion. Can society get any more twisted than it already is?

Personally I like to think that all this degenerative activity is simply a sort of preparation to the return of the Lord. I like to think that God will only allow us to go so far down the road of depravity before He says, "Enough is enough! "I like to think that when our valueless society finally gets that low (assuming it isn't already) that it accepts every form of depravity and says, "peace, peace" (1 Thessalonians 5:3), well that's going to be about it.

All we can do is let the world spin itself down to it's own destruction. That's not to say that we shouldn't continue to preach the Gospel and be witnesses for Christ; of course we should. But as for the rest of it, well, let the prince of the world have his way for now; his time is coming.

"Surely I am coming soon. Amen. Come, Lord Jesus!" (Revelation 22:20)

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