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School Prayer HYPOCRISY

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"Christians, Jews, Hindus, and other parties have been up in arms after the recent, widespread exposure of a Canadian school's policy allowing an imam to lead Muslim students in prayer on campus."

PLEASE NOTE: What follows is not original to me but rather comes from The Christian Post. Is it just me, or does anyone else also have trouble with this?

While many are voicing their opposition to prayer being allowed in a public school at all, others are crying hypocrisy since prayers by other faith groups are prohibited at Valley Park Middle School in Toronto, in Southern Ontario. Prayers by students of other faiths, such as Christianity or Judaism, are not allowed.

Various groups have been rallying against the Toronto District School Board for various reasons concerning the case, but most are insisting that the board is violating Ontario’s Education Act by allowing prayers of any kind. The act bans religious services during school hours.

The imam-led prayers have been going on for the past three years, according to the school board. Board officials say they worked with parents to decide on the 30-minute prayer sessions. About 80-90 percent of the student body at Valley Park Middle School follow Islam, according to media reports, and about 300-400 students participate in the Friday prayers.

Critics have taken issue with what they see as preferential treatment for Muslims. Some are also concerned that the Muslim students who gather for Friday prayers in the school cafeteria are separated by gender, as they would be in a mosque.
Officials with the school board say their reasoning for accommodating Muslim students is to “maximize instructional time.” Students are allowed to leave school on Fridays for prayers, but apparently too many of them fail to return to school afterward.

Some question the board's reasoning, saying the prayer sessions also disrupt students' class time.

Board officials insist Canada's freedom of religion laws allow them to make an exception for the Education Act's prohibition on religious services during school hours. Board members say students participate voluntarily and with parents' permission.

In a statement issued on its website last week, the board said: “Where religious accommodation is concerned, the law is quite clear: freedom of religion in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms supersedes the Education Act. As a public school board, we have a responsibility and an obligation to accommodate faith needs.”

The board's statement also hits back at critics who say allowing an imam on campus to lead prayers makes way for indoctrination, insisting that religious practice is not being taught at the school.

The board's official position is not good enough for some groups who wonder the affect the organized prayers might have on students of other faiths. “It has the potential to stigmatize non-participants and gives the potential to give an official seal of approval to a given religion,” Ed Morgan, a law professor and president of the Canadian Jewish Congress, told

Some members of the Muslim community have also criticized the school board's decision. “The reality of that is that the school board is being politically correct and naive,” Salma Siddiqui, senior vice-president of the Muslim Canadian Congress, told the Globe and Mail. “Honestly it does not work in the long run. How are they going to accommodate other religious minorities?”

Members of Toronto's Hindu community are voicing their opposition to the prayers at Valley Park Middle School as well. Ron Banerjee, director of Canadian Hindu Advocacy, told the Globe and Mail that he believes Islamic groups are “imposing their view and trying to change the rules, regulations, norms and values to accommodate themselves, and in the long-term, to spread their ideology.”

Although the school is presently in summer recess, the prayer sessions are expected to resume in the Fall when students return to their studies, which runs from November to May.

A recent case here in the U.S. regarding prayer in schools involves a lawsuit involve a Texas student and Medina Valley Independent School District. Corwyn Schultz, who graduated in May, is an agnostic and he and his parents found it offensive that there was a call for prayer at his graduation ceremony. The lawsuit filed by his parents claimed that the district forces prayer on students at school-sponsored events.

Federal Judge Fred Biery, who sided with Schultz in his decision, had his ruling overturned. The case has yet to be resolved as Biery has now called on the respective parties to notify him by July 21 whether they plan to continue to pursue the case.
Source: The Christian Post 


  1. The Dhimmi's at the Toronto District School Board have turned a publicly funded school into a Mosque.

    Further on the separation of the genders, the menstruating girls are separated by the pervert Imam to the very rear, shamed publicly, and not allowed to participate at all.
    Non-Muslims are not allowed in the Mosquteria.

    While Christians in many schools in Canada are not allowed to display crosses, have Christmas concerts, the religion of hate can do as it pleases, enabled by the slobbering leftist Dhimmi's.

    We watch as the creeping Sharia of our nation continues in the transformation of Canada into the Islamic republic they intend it to be.

    Understand this- Muslims are not immigrants to Canada, they're colonists.

    We are only a couple of decades behind Europe in Islaminization.
    The horrible, putrid fruit of Islam is seen in the massive increases in violence, and rape that accompanies the spread of Satan's religion.

    Hypocrisy? The left does not know the meaning of the word.

  2. But hey, let's not "freak out about it".
    Much like a German Jew in 1933, don't worry, what's the worst that can happen?:)
    After all, God is "sovereign, and in control"...right?'s not his it?

    "Don't worry too much about politics. God can have a Nebuchadnezzar eating grass tomorrow"
    Let's take a look at that..shall we?:)

    Women in places like Stockholm, and Paris that live close to Muslim enclaves are dying their hair black to avoid being so noticeable. They have taken to wearing the hijab to try an avoid the groups of Muslim men from following them down the street with calls of "whore", and "Slut".
    Muslim rape of western women, seen as "war booty", is exploding across Europe.

    Coptic Christians in Egypt tattoo a cross on the underside of their girls wrist to avoid them getting raped into marriage.
    They are arming themselves as their homes, businesses, and churches are attacked, burned, bombed.

    In Indonesia four Christian girls on their way home from school are attacked by a group of Muslim men.
    Three of the girls were decapitated, their severed heads dumped in plastic bags in their village, the fourth escaped with severe neck lacerations.

    In Canada honour killings are increasingly common. Muslim women have acid thrown in their faces by their "men".
    Girls have their clitoris's sliced from their bodies in Toronto.
    Ontario Muslims have already tried to have Sharia courts imposed in their communities.
    They're not going to stop.

    But hey, I wouldn't want to be accused of "freaking out".
    Western Christians, intellectually lazy, and abysmally ignorant of the world around them, make pithy statements about "read your bible", "God is in control".

    Well I don't see Nebu munching grass right now.
    Nope, instead Muslim militias in Darfur murder Christian men, rape Christian women into marriage.

    In Nigeria Thousands of Christian women riot in the streets over ongoing massacres of Christians by Muslims.

    Western Christians will only offer their condescending smugness that THEIR world is all peachy-keen, quote a bible verse, and go back to their warm homes, full bellies, and Twitter about....nothing.

    The soft western Christian will purse their lips "ohhh that's terrible", and promptly forget about it.
    It's not happening to THEM...right's just politics...isn't it?

    Nebu still ain't chewin' weeds, and "read your bible" is an empty gesture to these Christians who are being targeted for extermination "over there"...and soon enough to be...over here.

    But don't freak out...:)...just read the red letters, I hear they're pretty nifty.

  3. Lawrence,

    First, I would encourage you to NOT be too harsh against other believers who perhaps do seem to have become somewhat lethargic in their version of Christianity. Regardless whether we view them as right or wrong, they are still brothers and sisters in the Lord and deserving of our LOVE, not our constant criticism.

    I've been where you are now, as is evident when you look at some of my older blog posts. It doesn't end well in that it only produces an angry and cynical spirit within us. Does that mean that I no longer agree with my own preaching and writing as to the state of a lot of institutional pseudo-Christianity? No, it doesn't mean that at all. Personally, I do believe that most of what we call modern Western Christianity is a joke in comparison to the early church as seen in the Book of Acts. Despite that fact, they within the system ARE still, like me, followers of Jesus, even if we both understand what means to follow Him differently.

    Having said that, there is a line where I will not cross with them. There are some non-negotiables for me. What are they? The non-negotiables are pretty neatly summed up in the "Apostles Creed" (Google it if you're not familiar with it). If some one or some institutional church cannot confess that, which is ESSENTIAL to the faith, then we cannot truly fellowship. As Augustine said, "In essentials, unity. In non-essentials, liberty. In all things, charity."

    Secondly, you are correct in much of your assessment of the Islamic global takeover. There is an awful lot of evil that has been committed in the name of Islam. That's not to say that Christianity also hasn't had it's own times of evil; historically, the Crusades come to mind.

    I believe God has begun to judge us as a society for many of our own evils today. Having said that, it is possible that one of His methods of judgment is, as the Scriptures say, "through a nation more evil than you" (paraphrase of Jeremiah 5:15).

    The point is, God "will punish the world for its evil" (Isaiah 13:11), but exactly how He does that, is up to Him. Any read through the Scriptures will show us that an often used method of societal judgment is another even more evil nation. Is it beyond the realm of possibility to believe that God wouldn't use the same methods of punishing evil today as He did many times before in the history of mankind? I don't think so.

    Individually, our sins have been forgiven through faith in the sacrificial blood of the Lamb. That's Christianity 101. However, that doesn't mean that God won't judge us corporately as a nation for the sins and evils that we as a nation have been guilty of.

    For me this sheds a whole new dynamic on Jesus' question: "When the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth?" (Luke 18:8). I wonder.

  4. Brother Will;
    I dare say, I am not in constant criticism. I respond only when I feel a response is needed.
    Ask for an'll get one:)
    I have much praise, and love for our brethren who endure persecution for the faith...and remain our brethren.

    To those who profess the faith, yet do nothing to help our brethren, yes, I express dismay at their dismissal of others concern for the blood of our martyrs.
    I make no apologies for that.
    There have been in times past prophets, including John the baptist, and even our Lord, who have been "harsh" in their criticism of the attitudes/actions...non-actions of believers.

    Sometimes people need a slap upside the noggin to get their attention from the shiny things in this world that keep them entranced.

    Those who are neither hot, nor cold I will spew out of my mouth. (in my bible that part's in red..grin..wink)

    Islam being used by God to bring judgment to the western nations/church would hold water if that was where the bulk of violence against Christian were concentrated.
    But it's not.
    The most extreme persecution is in places where Muslims outnumber Christians.
    The more Muslim a nation is, the more violence towards the Kuffur.
    Thus the concern of those of us who have taken the time to learn about this subject...and what it holds for our future in the west.
    If, Islam is being used to judge the's an easy step to also being used to bring a prophets warning to the Church.
    Ahhh...see how we could rabbit-hole this one? BIG GRIN.

    The Apostle Creed is on my fridge door, has been for years (and looks it).

    10,000 Christian have been exterminated in Nigeria in the last four years.
    If my words seem "harsh" to those who are soft, and complacent about the slaughter of the brethren, perhaps it is their conscious bothering them because of their lackadaisical attitude towards those being martyred..while they sip cool water in the summer heat, and live in warm homes in winter:)

    Just a side note, not all those professing "Lord, Lord" and doing wondrous "works" are our least that's what I read in my bible. GRIN.

    As always, I leave you in the grace and favor of the Lord.
    Lan Astaslem.

  5. Lawrence,

    I am truly sorry if I came across implying that YOU were in "constant criticism." That is NOT what I meant at all. If that is the way it was received, please forgive me. Obviously I should proof read my thoughts a little more closely than I do before clicking the "post" button.

    Love your comments, and I look forward to many more. Blessings on you and yours :)

  6. Brother Will;
    Forgiven before you asked:) Unfortunately without cute smileys it is difficult sometimes to discern a writers intent:)

    Now back to the show.
    It is disconcerting how many times when the subject of Muslim violence comes up how even Christians bemoan the Crusades as somehow comparable.
    They are not.

    For too long it has been drummed into our heads from the government school system run by far left Christophobes that the Crusades were some dark period in Christian history.
    They are not.

    The Crusades came about AFTER almost 400 years of aggressive military expansionism by Muslims.
    Muslims slaughtered whole villages, wiped out entire communities, regularly killed pilgrims to the holy land.
    It took 400 years for the Church to get off it's collective backside to do anything about it.

    By the way, for all concerned...the Crusades ended.
    Muslim violence toward EVERYBODY ELSE...has not.
    To compare the two is akin to equating the holocaust to a fight in a hockey game.

    The North American Church spends 3 billion a year on new construction.
    Meanwhile the brethren in the crappier areas of the planet see their men killed, daughters taken as sex slaves, or raped into marriage, Churches burnt (with parishioners inside of them) homes attacked by Muslim mobs.

    3 billion could buy a lot of AK-47's.
    Ohhhh, THAT got a lot of the squishy Christians attention:)
    What? actually defend ourselves from murder, and rape? Egads (sound of hairshirt tearing) that...that...would be WRONG!!

    Never mind. Y'all can go back to your latte, maybe go read some red letters, calm down.
    We'll just let "those people" continue to be martyrs for the cause.
    Besides, it makes us feel so much better that someone else is paying the price for being a Christian, sorta confirms our faith...just as long as it ain't me.
    Right? Yeah...thought so.

    For those who actually give a rat's bottom, get involved, at the very least donate some shekels to something other than some useless missionary...yeah I said that...write your MP about it, get a speaker from a Christian persecution group to speak at your Church.
    Do SOMETHING...or just have another latte like the phony, weakling Christian I think the majority of the Church is comprised of.
    Surprise me.

  7. Lawrence,

    Personally, I'm not into lattes. I like my coffee strong and black. But I do often turn to the "Red Letters" to calm myself down ;)

    Back to the Crusades. No, they were not "as" evil as the Muslim aggressions, but there were evil just the same. Let me explain.

    I tend to be a pacifist. Not naturally, for naturally I have been known to drop the gloves and come out swinging. But the example I get from my Bible of Jesus is an example of turn the other cheek, of go the extra mile, of if they persecuted me, they will persecute you also, and of love your enemies. None of those come easy. Each and everyone of them can be a fight in and of themselves. Hard to do, all of them.

    The problem with the Crusades is that they violated every one of Jesus' teachings I just mentioned. Our Christianity can never be about what others are doing or have failed to do. I will not stand one day before God and get away with the excuse, "Well, but Lawrence said/did this/that. But so-and-so said this or that." God will one day say to me simply, "What have YOU done with Jesus?" As you said, DO SOMETHING. What am I doing? I am trying to learn to walk in love (even to the enemy), regardless what goes on around me.

    Persecution is not an easy thing. It is certainly not a thing to be taken lightly. I have prayed for the persecuted church, and I must continue to pray for them. Islamic aggression is horrible and I believe it's only a matter of time before we see it intensify here in North America. It's only a matter of time before some of our multi-million dollar church buildings begin to go up in smoke, and maybe even with some of us Christians locked inside as you described above. When that happens (when, and not if), there is little doubt in my mind that it will happen at the hands of the militant Islamic colonists.

    Can I remain a pacifist then? Can I remain a pacifist if I see those I love being raped and murdered in front of me? Lord only knows, but I hope so. God help us.

  8. As to the Crusades, they were defensive wars, an attempt to turn back Muslim conquests of Christian lands.
    They were a response to more than four centuries of conquests in which Muslims had already captured two-thirds of the old Christian world. At some point, Christianity as a faith and a culture had to defend itself or be subsumed by Islam. The Crusades were that defense.

    "How does a man love according to divine precept his neighbor as himself when, knowing that his Christian brothers in faith and in name are held by the perfidious Muslims in strict confinement and weighed down by the yoke of heaviest servitude, he does not devote himself to the task of freeing them? …Is it by chance that you do not know that many thousands of Christians are bound in slavery and imprisoned by the Muslims, tortured with innumerable torments?"
    -Pope Innocent III

    How can we truly be our brothers keeper if we stand by while he is murdered?
    We cannot.
    There is no prohibition in the scriptures against Christians serving in the military.
    Was there some bad thing's that happened during these wars? Of course, some...but to state that the Crusades were "evil" in, and of themselves is simply not true.

    "Can I remain a pacifist then? Can I remain a pacifist if I see those I love being raped and murdered in front of me? Lord only knows..."

    There is no prohibition in the scriptures concerning self defense.
    Vengeance yes, but not defending oneself, or loved one from immediate violence.
    If we cannot be our brothers keeper when ignoring injury done to him, how much more so have we failed as Christian men when our women are attacked, and we stand like cowards?

    Seriously, if a woman in our family is being physically attacked can any man stand there and do nothing?
    What?, "Oh sorry honey, I love you and all, but, turn the other cheek...I'll call 911 for you though:)

    Turn the other cheek has been taken misconstrued, and twisted out of context to mean we are supposed to be like the hippie, weakling Jesus peddled by a fallen pagan Christianity.

    Pacifism is not taught in the scriptures, neither in the OT, or NT.