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My Heart Cries

I have the honour on this post to introduce you to a dear friend and sister in the Lord. No, to my loss, I have never fellowshipped with her in person, but through our mutual membership in a couple online groups, I feel like I've really developed an eFellowship connection with Kat Huff. This blog has never enjoyed a guest blogger before, so this is a first. I was so blessed by what Kat had written here, that I asked her for permission to post her "My Heart Cries" on my blog. She graciously consented. Do me the honour of welcoming my sister Kat to "Rethinking Faith and Church." May God bless you as Kat shares her heart.

Photo Credit: Kat Huff

I ask you to remember throughout your reading of this entire written word that I am not telling you what to feel or what to think; I am only crying.

Most Christians say with full agreement, that the Lord Jesus Christ is The One Truth, The One Who is One with The Father, The One Way, The One Life, The One Spirit, The One Light, The One Foundation, The One Rock, The One Redeemer, The One Unity, The One Deliverer, The One Lamb, The Worthy One, The One Risen, The One Who Lives, The One Drink, The One Bread of Heaven, The One Worthy Sacrifice, The One Triune God, The One who takes away the sin of the world, The One Supremacy, The One Who Lives in us, The One Who Loves us, and The One Who Comes Again. I know there are many more, but I only name these that come to my heart at this moment.

Most Christians will also say, with full agreement, that the Lord Jesus Christ tells us to be in One mind, One heart, One Spirit, and in One accord as His body. 

The Head and the body are to be One. We are individuals, most certainly, but too I say to you this: We are to be one! We are to be in an intimate relationship of Christ in complete unity with full expression of Him as His One whole body. One Head has only One body, One heart, One mind, and One Spirit.

I could write of many scriptures, historical facts, commentaries, books, and endless et cetera, but I only write this from my heart today and nothing else. Therefore, I desire to speak frankly and sincerely out of my depth of burden to all who care to read this simple writing. Most will not see my heartache as they read, but I ask only that you consider the simpleness of me as I reach out to you. Love that is alive, must reach out, and so, no matter how you view what you are about to read, please know this, it is written only because of love. I do not attempt to prove anything to anybody, nor have I any desire to even try. This is only my heart, that’s all. This is not for any kind of judgment from me onto you, nor from you onto me. If you continue to read this, then you are either just curious, or you truly want to know my heart and why it cries.

Most of us today worship our Lord in ”Christendom” with a multitude of contradictions among one another. There are numerous factions, sects, religions, denominations, organizations, and divisions of many certain beliefs, doctrines, rules, regulations, religious constitutions, and traditions. I humbly beg you to consider a moment this question: Can The One Truth be divided, fractionated, and organized to our liking and still be The Divine One and Only Truth Whom we seek?

We all are familiar with the scriptures that state the fact that Jesus Christ is THE TRUTH. If you agree, then does the following make any sense to your Christian spirit and heart? The Truth cannot be a system of beliefs, religious traditions, man’s established ways, worship rituals, nor any religion, since these are all split and divided. Please tell my heart, how is it right that we call ourselves followers of our Lord Jesus and at the time we are so obviously divided, separate, and individual. Can we truly and sincerely convince our hearts it does not matter to our Lord Jesus Christ? I cannot.

Does this seem too harsh and direct? If so, please consider for a moment how our Lord Jesus Christ is to accept Himself as being considered a divided, fractioned, split, organized, departmentalized, categorized, denominated, and broken-up Lord within what is considered in this day “Christianity.” 

Can we step away from our mirrors, ourselves, our lives, our desires, our busyness, our merit, and our self-right long enough to glance through the eyes of our Lord Jesus? Do you think we may not like what we see? Do we present His body to Him as scattered pieces of membered fractions? Is our Lord Jesus something we join up for on a titled list within a religious system with a written constitution of our own? Is our Lord something we sign up for as a joined member in an organization or denomination?

Why do so many consider the House of God as a physical building made by the hands of man? Why do many Christians worship in an established building with traditional rituals under a hired head (a Christian) and a governing elected body (Christians) among commoners (Christians)? 

I want to address specifically what I think most of you would agree with me on, at least I think so anyway. We are a country that promotes individualism more than any other people in the world. 

Sometimes, it feels like we have gone so far away from true Unity we may never realize it as a people, and all because of the mass, accepted standard of the I. From the many media sources such as TV, radio, movies, music, magazines, books, and countless forms of the I propaganda, we no longer recognize it, because we are ingrained with it, so much so, we do not see it or we are not aware of it most of time, if at all. Our lives are overwhelmingly centered on the individual self.

The “I” divide is embedded into the everyday way of life, our minds, our Christian lives and even our worship. We all profess to be “family” in words, but could we missing something we have never experienced or considered? Is this something within The One Truth who is the One Supreme Person— Jesus Christ the Lord? 

There is only One who is the Supremacy of Everything, including the I's, and that One is our Lord Jesus Christ! May He open the eyes and the hearts of us all that we may SEE HIM AS ONE.

We certainly must be misguided or something, because Christ is the Perfect Divine Unity. Read our most wonderful Lord Jesus’ prayer to The Father before His crucifixion to get a hint of that unity that we are suppose to be In Him. I’ve read it many times, I can’t seem to read it without crying, because I do not see in Christianity that Oneness which is described in our Lord Jesus’ prayer, His very words about us. How have we gone so far away from what Jesus prayed to the Father concerning what He desired for us? It matters to me so very much.

There are many other scriptures that speak of this unity, but like I wrote a moment ago, I am only speaking my heart. I do not wish to get into a debate or proof contest of any kind. I have no need for that. I have no desire for that. I simply am just writing. Do you hear my heart crying now?

Author: Kathy Marie Huff

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  1. John S Wilson III12 November 2011 at 07:23

    amen! A beautiful Christ is being expressed through a beautiful sister, :)