Sunday, 5 February 2012

Behold the Man

"Ecce Homo" (Behold the Man)
Photo Credit: Rodney
“Behold the Man!” Thus rang out Pilate’s infamous words (John 19:5) shortly before they crucified our Lord. I wonder how often we’ve slowed down enough to consider the implications of “Behold the Man!” in our day to day Christianity.

Lately I’ve been reading through a ten-volume collection of the sermons of Charles Spurgeon. Once again that Prince of Preachers (as he was often called) from yesteryear blessed me as I read his sermon entitled “A Visit to Calvary.” Allow me to share a small excerpt from that message. He writes:

"Do not tell me that a man has any sense of Christ’s love to him, who can willfully sin against the Saviour. We do see some strange prodigies now and then, but the strangest of all would be a Christian who could afford to live like a worldling, and yet maintain communion with Jesus Christ. We have heard men talk of their experience, who can give us whole yards of godliness, if that consists in the tongue; but when they come to practice, ah! their religion is not made to bear every-day pressure, it is a kind of confectionary religion, not made to be carried about in the rough world; it was made more as an ornament for their drawing room; a fashionable religion, a pretty religion, to come out on Sundays, and be carried to a place of worship; but it was never intended for business. The exchange – what; bring their religion there! why it would stand in the way of their business. Religion in their shop! Religion in their ordinary dealings! They never thought of such a thing; they thought religion was intended for their closet, though that has its door listed over; they thought religion was intended for them simply when they were reading the Bible, or turning over other religious books. Do you conceive that such men know Christ? Alas! no. Those who live near Jesus, those who 'behold the man,' will become like Christ. There is no such thing as having an interest in the blood of Jesus, and holding fellowship with him, and yet living in sin. Be not deceived concerning this. The follies and the fashions of this world are not consistent with godliness, and he who hopes to have Christ, and to have the world too, hath made a great mistake."

That says it all and really requires no additional comment from me. Where do you fit in this? Where do I fit in it? “Behold the Man!”

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