Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Speak the WORD!

I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed the other day when I came across a beautiful gem shared by a friend. I contacted the author in order to request permission to repost his copyright work here, and he graciously granted me the privilege of doing so.

So without further ado, here is Bert Thompson's "Speak the WORD!" just as it appeared on Facebook that day. Enjoy and may it be a blessing.

"Once man had a dream, a dream that flowed direct from the heart of God. That dream had been born in the heart of God in the inner chambers of his love nature, in the very essence of who He was. That dream was relished the day God breathed life into man and when man awoke the first thing he saw was the face of God, that was the day expressive, language was born, as Adam tried to expresses his delight and ecstasy at what he saw. Adam had to create words to express what he felt about his God, his creator, his life, it was a language rich with sweet meaning and feeling, and it dripped with adoration and Joy, it was a language of calibration NOT celebration of anything done, but a language that celebrated God and mans relationship with him, it was a joyous time for man, for in man's life, for in man's life he had no greater joy no greater passion than his love for God. Truly, for Adam there was 'fulness of Joy' in HIS presence, in the garden of God's delight! It was here in the garden, walking arm in arm with God in the cool of the day the expression 'Love has no forms only the spontaneity of rapture' was born.

"BUT soon after the fall man began to forget the language of love, the words came harder and sometimes not at all, for in the mist of time men began to forget. But some had dreams, in those dreams they remembered the words, the words of making, the words of Glory, the words of adoration, but it seemed like there was a gulf between man and his ability 'to speak the words' the words God so longed to hear once again. So God sent his son 'the Word' to teach men once again to 'speak the words'. But men over the ages had created their own words and hated the words that the WORD Himself brought to men, they said only their words came from the Speaker and this language was not of Him. They plotted to 'silence' the Word to shut Him out, to put Him away once and for all, but they failed because the Word came to live in men's hearts and would speak to them Himself.

"Now the Word could not be shut up it could not be silenced, for every man heard the words of the speaker themselves. Now, men heard for themselves, there was no gulf between them and the speaker & when the speaker spoke, it was like sweet honey dripping on the tongues of men, sweet, refreshing, cleansing words that renewed the heart, filling the soul with Rapturous Joy. The words, of the speaker on the souls of men was not like men's words, bitter, but were pleasing to the heart for they were like the very candy of heaven itself, a delight to the taste.

"Now men began to remember the word and began to speak them back to the Speaker. They used words like ecstasy, rapturous delight, JOY, overwhelmed, amazing love, my Jesus my lover, my obsession, my passion, and once again the Speaker smiled for He heard the language of love spoken to Him once again, in the garden of men's hearts. And once again the language of Expression was being spoken again."

Story Source: Bert Thompson
Photo Source: Unknown (via Facebook;

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