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The Prophecy: A Wake Up Call for the Church?

A dear friend of mine, and brother in the Lord, came over to the house the other day and shared a prophecy that the Lord had given him concerning the church and some of the pastors who lead it.

Like many of the prophets of old, I know that not all will accept this prophet and his message. He knows it too. However, I have known this brother for many years, and I know his heart. Time and again I have seen the love of God manifested through him in ways that sometimes have made me feel ashamed, as I considered my own (sometimes pathetic) Christian walk. Unlike many, I can honestly say that he doesn't just "talk the talk," he lives it and walks it out daily.

It's a hard word, and it's a troubling word; but I believe it is a true word. Knowing this brother as I do, I can recommend and invite you to prayerfully give him an ear as well. Is God giving us, His church, a wake up call? I wonder.

The Prophecy:  October 12, 2013

I am the Lord and I change not.  My ways are not your ways and they are never compromised and they are past finding out.  I am the same yesterday, today and forever, therefore I cannot change.  My precepts are from everlasting to everlasting.  I change not!  What I did yesterday I will do today and forever!  The church is the same today as it was then, nothing has changed.

I say this as I am concerned for my Church and what man has done with what I have given.  My day of visitation is at hand and is near.  I wait only for the Fathers command!

I have seen what has been said and done in the land.  My leaders have taught falsely in that they have said, “my people have stolen the tithe”.  However, the people have not stolen the tithe, for the leaders have been weighed and it is found that the tithe is in their hands. They have built for themselves kingdoms in which they find glory but, I find no glory in them nor do I take pleasure in what man builds for me, for it is purely from the flesh.  They say it is for me but, it is only for their own praise.  I have said from the beginning that “freely you have received therefore freely give," but now you are discovered and you have disobeyed me.

There are those that have misled my sheep by even promising them an easy path through prosperity and should they “give” to their cause, then they will not see the testing; that I should bear them up as they should see no tribulation.   Surely as “I am, that I am," they lie and wait for their own gain, “but it is not from me," says the Lord!  I have not spoken to them neither do they know me.  They have prophesied lies in my name. 

They preach to you with man's words and wisdom; it is not I speaking to them.  They study my words and try to extract wisdom, but they know not who I am.  I have no relationship with them; I am only their “religion,” but I am not found of them who profess to have knowledge in doctrine and religion.  I am found only by the meek and lowly in heart and those that truly seek me and those who moan for the sin in Israel.  Those, who draw near to me with their whole heart and not just with the tongue, those who become as children will know me.  The prophets are speaking lies and distract my people from the truth.  They speak for the reward of fame and acknowledgement.  They have an appetite for recognition but have no desire for the truth.  They only bolster and forward the agendas of the leaders and pastors visions; it is not my revelation to them.  They tell you of revival and peace to come but, I tell you the truth, there shall no revival or peace come, for it is in the imagination of the false prophets whom I have not called.  My true prophets are quieted and rejected saying to them, “you are mad," therefore they are not allowed to speak.  The pastors and leaders have taken control and even saying, "if I am not in control I will not take part in it." They have stolen my Glory and I will say to them in that day, I share my Glory with no one.  Therefore your desolation comes as a thief in the night, to prove it is “I” that rule in the entire universe.  You cannot be to me the vessels that tell me what I can create and how to create it; I dictate the times and the seasons of man.

Therefore I am stout against those that lie and steal from my kingdom to build theirs.  I am against the proud and the haughty and those that refuse to bend the neck, those who refuse to hear my prophets that I have sent to you.  I am against those that take from the poor and needy as you have done and built your own kingdoms; who take what is not theirs, who shut the bowels of mercy to the least of those in my kingdom, says the Lord.  Those whom you would consider assets are nothing to me and those whom you consider liabilities are my chosen in disguise.  Angels, whom I have sent among you and you have not ministered to them.

Therefore, I have sent to you strong delusions and you do not know that you are wretched poor and blind.  You do not know that you are even the blind leaders of the blind.  Therefore strangers have invaded your places of worship, because you will not enter in yourselves.  Who is man, that he will teach me wisdom?  I do not bend the ear to those that do not have faith nor to those that are wise in their own sight.  Surely my ways are not your ways and therefore I will make desolate your cities that men have built and glory in, and they will in an hour be as nothing.  I am the Lord who will shake and reduce, and everything that can be shaken will be shaken.  Then will they say, “Where is the Lord," but I will not answer or hear them until Babylon is completely consumed and broken down in the heart of man.  I declare to you that today is the hour to flee and get out of her.    All religion, every “place of worship” that man has created is Babylon and Babylon will not and cannot prosper against me, says the Lord.   You have taken glory in them and have become proud of your accomplishments.   Those who have ears to hear, let them hear by the Spirit.

Why do you think that my people suffer just as the heathen do and there are no great miracles?  Did I not say that greater things than these should be done to them that believe?  What is it that you believe in?  You say because these things are absent, it is not for today, but you lie about my greatest gift on the cross.  Therefore I have withheld, because you have no faith.  My people have put their trust in the arm of flesh, in mammon and their knowledge, but not in me, says the Lord.  Therefore they perish because Babylon cannot heal her wounds and I have no part in her.  

Therefore in order to separate the true prophets from the liars this will be your sign: In five years (2018) the two major kingdoms of this world will come to an end, yet they will be.  The first is complete  and the second is about to go into perdition.  With it I will scatter your strength and the finances and your store houses will become waste places, because you have put your trust in horses and chariots and not in me.  Because of your pride I will leave your (spiritual) cities desolate and they will remain a testimony for your own condemnation in that day, says the Lord.  Furthermore I will confuse your wise men and a child will be able to understand my word but, your eyes will remain closed.  Because your idolatry of Babylon abounds, I, says the Lord, I will leave your worship places desolate.  I will utterly destroy anything that looks like man has built it and there will be nothing left, save the memories in which there is no glory.  I will touch your idol of religion and worship places.  Anything that is built, that you gave gathered money for, is coming to an end.  You are building in vain.

Oh my people, I gave you your birth right, the gift that I gave you each individually and you have not been satisfied, but lusted for more.  You as Esau sold your birthright and gifts for what satisfied the flesh and as Israel of old you too, as the younger sister Aholiba, have transgressed just as did those of the O.T church.  I gave you gifts, these were gifts only, and you merchandised them for money.  Pastors and teachers took filthy lucre for the “gift” that I gave to them and so they have become hirelings for reward.  Prophets, prophesied in my name for money!  Therefore I will spoil your pastures, I will touch your idol of money, I will touch your idols of worship and the idol of knowledge, says the Lord.   Will not the Lord your God recompense in the day of judgement?  You took from the poor and needy, from the widows and fatherless and still you say we have helped the poor, but you have lied and built bigger barns.  Your souls will I require.

Yet I have preserved those who have done my work.  They have done it without reward and I, who sees in secret, will reward openly.  These are my Church, church!

Come, says the Lord in repentance and humble yourselves before me.  Hear me O Israel my people and lament, for her sins are many.  Your idolatries are too numerous to mention. Your idols are set up in your hearts.  You have forsaken me, the fountain of your youth.  Return to me, do not forsake my ways and I will come again for you, that where I am, you too can be.  Seek me, says the Lord and I will abundantly pardon.  I will even heal your land but you must come, says the Lord.  Yet I know that you will harden your heart and refuse, for there is a way that seems right to man.   You have a form of godliness but keep on denying my power.

Harden not your hearts when you read these words, for I will do all that I said.  As surely as I live, you will taste of the wrath of God if you do not obey me and leave Babylon of your own choice.  In your pride you exalted yourself and have said, “I sit as a queen and have no need." Therefore will I bow your head and bring another nation whom you will bow down to.   My day of visitation slumbers not! 


Author: Barny Knelsen, Lethbridge, Alberta
Photo Source:

"The interior of an abandoned church is seen on September 5, 2013 in Detroit, Michigan."
Is this a sign of the times? Will it become the norm for our "places of worship," our "Babylons?" Hmm,  Barny thinks so.

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  1. I too, stand witness to the sincerity of brother Knelsen.

    Let it be as God has foretold.