Monday, 25 November 2013

Prayer in School: The Other Side of the Argument

Our local rag, the Lethbridge Herald, has a section called "Roasted & Toasted" that appears every Monday. I am usually quite amused when I read it, especially the "Roasted" sections. It really is quite amazing some of the things that people whine about.

However, in today's edition (November 25, 2013) it seems like the whole Prayer in School argument reared its ugly head amongst the "Roasted."

It's one thing to see the odd anti-religious or anti-Christian sentiment, but in today's "Roasted & Toasted," I counted no less than eight school prayer-themed submissions, and most of them negative. Wow, I thought, this almost constitutes a conspiracy! (LOL, in a sad kind of way)

But seriously, this brought me back full circle to something I've often wondered about, and that is, the perceptions that we Christians create for our unbelieving neighbours and friends. I have blogged on this subject before, such as in "Jesus loves you, but ...". Perhaps Brennan Manning was right when he said,
"The single greatest cause of atheism in the world today is Christians, who acknowledge Jesus with their lips, then walk out the door, and deny Him by their lifestyle. That is what an unbelieving world simply finds unbelievable."
We would do well to stop and think about that for a moment before reading the following submissions to today's "Roasted and Toasted" in the Lethbridge Herald. Do we do more harm than good in the way we profess our faith? Sometimes I wonder. Having said that, here are the eight submissions:

Did you notice that out of eight comments, only one was a "Toast," whereas the other seven were all "Roasts?" So let me ask you, as a Christian, do these comments offend you? Or are my non-Christian neighbours and friends justified in their perceptions of the "religious" Christians they've encountered in their journeys through life? Before answering that too quickly, we would probably do well to stop and think about that for a moment.

I cannot help but wonder that, if we Christians were really on the right track, if our neighbours and friends wouldn't be kicking down the newspaper editor's door with "Toasts" instead of "Roasts."

Just a thought. Peace.

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