Friday, 2 January 2015

of Plane Disappearances and Religious Hate Speech


I just read something that turned my stomach sour. As a matter of fact, at the risk of being too graphic, I almost felt like puking! It left me not just upset, but actually angry to a point I haven't been to in a while.

Someone who signed off his blog post as, "I'm Jim Solouki, and I'm a True Christian," is suggesting that the Air Asia flight QZ8501 is a warning from God against heathen nations and is their judgment for failing to repent and turn to Jesus. In the process he attacks several eastern religious groups and then has the audacity to offer a prayer asking God to "please continue to take down planes from the heathen parts of Asia until those sinners repent."

I kid you not!

He begins his hateful and "Un-Christian" poison with, and I quote,

"Did you know that God has made an Air Asia plane flying into Singapore disappear with 162 passengers on board as punishment for their sinful behavior? That's right boys and girls, much like the Malaysian Air disappearance and crash, God has made a plane filled with mostly Indonesian passengers disappear. Why are planes carrying Indonesians disappearing more than any other types of plane? The answer is simple! The Indonesian people are a heathen people! They failed to keep Christ in Christmas, and now Christ chose to not keep their airplane in the air!"

If you need to read more of this dribble, you can see the rest of the poison via this link. I can't stomach reprinting any more of this garbage. Part of me didn't want to give him the time of day, much less more publicity, but in light of his sewage, this still needed to be said:

An Apology

To the people of Indonesia, to the various religious groups that were attacked, and on behalf of REAL Christians the world over, I want to offer a sincere apology. The rantings of Jim Solouki (if that's his real name), do NOT represent genuine Christianity. They represent only his particular cult.

REAL Christianity is about love, the love of God through Jesus Christ. It is also about anyone who professes to love God, showing the same love towards his or her fellow man. We believe that since "God so loved the world" (John 3:16), we dare not hate those for whom God sent His Son to die; we are called to love them too, even if they think a little differently than we do on matters of faith.

Pronouncing judgment and condemnation on objects of God's love is NOT the Christian way. That is nothing less than hate speech, and in the opinion of this blogger, ought to be prosecuted as such. Regardless whether we believe in a divine judgement to come or not, I'm sure we all would agree that such things are left for God and Him alone. He alone has the final say there, and not us. We are called simply to love one another and leave the rest to Him.

Again, on behalf of REAL Christians, I'm sorry for the poison caused by Mr. Solouki's post, and we're sorry for your loss in this airline tragedy.


After this post was originally shared on Facebook, someone shared a link to this story:

"Heathens," as Mr. Solouki alleged? Hardly! Many were not only fellow Christians, but as it turns out, one local church lost one-third of their fellowship's members on that flight. Now there's something for us to be praying about!

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