Friday, 13 February 2015

Are You Feeling the Love?

My brother shared this image with me the other day as well as the following thoughts:

"I must admit, I really did LOL at this one ... but then when I got to the underlined comment, I felt a bit ashamed. It's sad how quickly we jump all over a little mistake made by a 'friend.' I sure hope the Mark in this post has a thick enough skin to take the teasing. Not everyone has." (Shared here with his permission)

The last commenter is right, of course: "There you go, Mark!!!! One little slip of the finger and all of your friends mock you. Are you feeling the love?"

I couldn't help but wonder how much love others feel in the things I say or share online. Being somewhat of a humorist myself, I too see the funny side of this post, and from time to time, I too have been known to make fun of a simple typo or grammatical error of another without giving too much thought to their feelings. It is easy to say that they need to "toughen up," and not take everything so serious, but the fact is, we are not all the same; some of us are much more sensitive than others, and it is my humble opinion that we would do well to also be a little more sensitive to people like that.

Now, maybe Mark is OK with the teasing and, as my brother commented, "has a thick enough skin" to deal with it. But what about the next person? Especially as Christians, how would Christ have us to respond? Maybe the bacon jokes, if they simply must be, are best kept as a private one-on-one message and out of the humiliation of the public eye.

"It [love] is not rude ... it keeps no record of wrongs" (1 Corinthians 13:5), but social media apparently does.

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