Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Church of the Holy Smoke?

This morning's scan of the online news feeds once again provided me with an opportunity to say, "Hmm."

It seems that there is a pastor in beautiful White Rock, BC (near Vancouver) who heads up the Church of the Holy Smoke. The "smoke" in question is none other than marijuana. Yes, you heard that right.

The church boasts 10 members locally and 600 nationally. The good "reverend's" messages can be heard and subscribed to on his YouTube channel.

I gave Pastor Robin the benefit of the doubt and clicked on a couple random videos on his YouTube channel and listened for a couple minutes. Other than a passing reference to "Mother Earth," I heard nothing deep or theologically profound about faith or church, but then again, I'm not really surprised.

Apparently Pastor Robin Douglas has gotten himself into a little bit of a scuffle with the City of White Rock over his erecting "worship service" (pot smoking) tents in the backyard of a beachfront property. Again, this isn't really a surprise. The media article went on to say that lawyers have now been consulted by the church to assist in their struggle with the city.

Those wishing to make a contribution towards the church's fight with the city can do so; they're accepting both cannabis and cash donations (I kid you not; see story source link below).

Well there you have it; yet another instalment from the weirder side of religion. In the end, the Church of the Holy Smoke reminded me a little of another religious story that made the headlines a couple years ago that I blogged about: The Snakes that Charmed the Church. As the old adage says, "To each their own."

Finally, and at the risk of being completely facetious, maybe one day the media will report of the Why is the Rum Gone Church. Hmm, sorry, couldn't resist.

Photo Credit: Adrianna Broussard, Flickr Creative Commons
Story Source: Church of the Holy Smoke


  1. I like how you mock my friend Pastor Robin's Religion, yet you follow a religion based of simple "faith"... If you listened to his story how marijuana motivated him enough to be able to walk again after being in a fire and being told he would never walk again, Under the influence of marijuana he was able begin to walk again when physio therapy and many consults with doctors could not, He did it with the help of marijuana, THAT is a true miracle. And the only faith was in himself, Not god. He was able to gain his life back through something that provide physical evidence of its existence.

  2. I'm glad you see it for what it is a weird instalment of church run by a sex offender who served 8 years for the rape of two young girls aged 14 in calgary feb10 1995 (Calgary Harold). I wouldn't step foot in the devils lair he has commited multiple times and will do it again.

  3. this moron should be locked up or committed to a robber room permanently!!!! pastor sex offender