Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Wildlife in the Kingdom Come

"Relief at last from the theologians who take themselves too seriously and should be arrested for causing extreme boredom." (Clark Pinnock)

Years ago I came across a little book called: Wildlife in the Kingdom Come: An Explorer Looks at the Critters and Creatures of the Theological Kingdom, by Ken C. Johnson and John H. Coe. It is a wonderful little book made up of 60 short, 1-page chapters (plus corresponding cartoon page), that beautifully depicts those weird and unique animals; theologians. As a self-professed humorist, I was especially amused by each chapter's pseudo-Latin title. It is a most enjoyable and easy read, poking fun at a variety of theological topics.

To further your curiosity, here's a sampler chapter entitled: The Heretic (I-deni et Tu)

"Many centuries ago zealous (and at times, unbalanced) expeditions sought to rid the Great Primitivechurch Plains of a dreaded and poisonous parasite, the Heretic. Found throughout the theological lands, the Heretic is most fond of feeding off helpless herds of Unorthodox and Neoorthodox whose diet lacks any substantial dosages of doctrine or theological propositions. Although small and difficult to detect at first, a bite of this malicious little pest can have devastating results. As infection forms around the bite, schism and dissension spread throughout the body of the helpless victims.
This condition ultimately gives way to such fatal diseases as Arianism, Modalism, Universalism, and the Ten-Percent Tithe. In some cases the Heretic's bite has been noted to be so malignant as to infect and sicken even the Orthodox.

"Whereas the ancient method of fire and brimstone was once considered the only sure means of coping with this insidious bug, today a more civilized approach is practiced, namely, the vicious spilling of ink. This method, however, frequently has little affect on the more tenacious members of the species. It may be that the only adequate measure in dealing with this group is to rekindle and old flame, that is, smoke 'em if you got 'em." (p.16-17)

Well there you have it; one of the treasures from my library. If you have a theological interest, and a bit of a sense of humour, you'll enjoy this. I highly recommend it. Do check it out. Peace.