Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Jesus Unbound: A Guest Blogger Book Review

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Once again, Keith Giles has written a book with a title that is bound to get a few feathers ruffled. While you may not agree with all that is presented, I feel that most people will come away in general agreement. Many will try to use the Canon to shoot holes in his argument (I couldn't resist), however they will likely find, as I have, that his opinions are well founded in research. The chapters are quite concise, and the prose easy to follow.

As with his book JESUS UNTANGLED - Crucifying Our Politics to Pledge Allegiance to the Lamb, Giles is not “against” the subject at hand, but rather “for” a deeper, personal relationship with the risen Lord.

Another “must read”.

By guest blogger: Waldo Rochow

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