Saturday, 15 May 2021

It Is Well With My Soul

It occurred to me yesterday that I am celebrating an anniversary this month. Well, maybe celebrating isn’t really the right word. I am acknowledging an anniversary might be a better word. It was twenty years ago this month, May of 2001, that I left my last position as a church pastor and the pastoral ministry as a whole.

It is hard to believe that twenty years have come and gone since my Rethinking Faith and Church had its genesis. Wow! This blog’s inaugural post was called If The Horse Dies and first appeared publicly in January 2008. Prior to that all musings since leaving the pastoral ministry were private. I am humbled to think that since then this blog has had over 300,000 page views.

What is the future of Rethinking Faith and Church? It is hard to say. For now, at least until the Lord says differently, there really hasn’t been much new rethinking on my part. My institutional church days are long since behind me, my faith in the Lord Jesus remains strong (Praise God!), and it is well with my soul. I really cannot ask for more than that. That’s not to say that I won’t visit an institutional church here or there; I’ve already done that from time to time as I’ve felt the Lord’s leading.

Everyday random musings will continue, but for the most part, they will do so on my other blog hosted on this website, The Other Side of Will. That blog has existed since March 2010 and was originally designed to separate faith and church topics from all other things that interested and amused me.

Why the change now? I’m glad you asked. 😉

I guess the main reason for this combining of two blogs into one is that ultimately I only have one life to live. What I mean by that is, I am a man with a Christian worldview (whatever that means) who has a wide and varied interest in all sorts of things in this life that God has given me. First and foremost I believe in and have my hope in Jesus, but I am also a self-proclaimed humorist who loves a good laugh. I am a bookworm with a significant home library that includes a lot of theology and church history texts. My library also contains some awesome novels (I’m a Ted Dekker fan) and a rather eclectic collection of biographies of world leaders such as Fidel Castro, Adolf Hitler, John Lennon and Pope John Paul II, to name but a few. An interest in linguistics (such as Koine Greek, Latin and others) and foodie experiments further complements my repertoire. How does one separate that? Should one even try to separate that? Lately I am thinking not, and thus a return to only one blog in which to host my online musings.

Well there you have it. Peace and Blessings, friends. God is good. 😊

Ἀμήν, ἔρχου κύριε Ἰησοῦ

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